Why does Easter matter?

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An award-winning, DVD-based family and group study resource for Lent. Each session features: Prayer time; Session background; Friends and Heroes episode; Bible reading; Question time plus All-age optional extras: games; puzzles; quizzes – all in high-quality, printable form.

The Easter Story is a vivid, life-changing demonstration of how much God loves human beings and what he was ready to sacrifice so that they may come back to him.

Why does Easter matter? includes two DVDs with Episodes 35-39 and a Public Display Licence for church/group use

The pack also includes publicity material for your course: posters, flyers and cards ready for you to enter your details and then print as many as you need.

Why does Easter Matter? Pack contentsThe five sessions include an in-depth look at these Bible stories:
1 - Ep 35 Jesus rides into Jerusalem
2 - Ep 36 Jesus and the Widow's Offering
3 - Ep 37 The Last Supper and Jesus' Arrest
4 - Ep 38 Jesus carries his cross and The Crucifixion
5 - Ep 39 Jesus seen on the road (to Emmaus)

The Biblical content was especially written by Revd. Stephen Gaukroger and extra, fun activities make it a great resource to use with family groups. The Why does Easter matter? pack also includes the specially-written song: Remember Me, sung by Samuel Cox.

To download a sample from the Why does Easter Matter? course click here.

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