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macky and portia

Friends and Heroes is the epic animated tale of two young people in the first century - Macky and Portia - whose idealism and friendship leads them across the ancient world, from the fabled Egyptian port of Alexandria, to the besieged city of Jerusalem and finally, to the very heart of the Empire: Rome. As they fight for justice and even survival against the might of the Roman Empire, they become friends and then, in turn, heroes.

Through Macky and Portia, Friends and Heroes brings the inspiring stories of the Old and New Testaments to a new, worldwide generation of children in the twenty-first century, whatever their faith or background. Like our heroes, children will be empowered by what they see and hear, as they share the courage and compassion, the everyday dangers faced by Macky and his friends. And what Macky learns is that one person can make a difference - as a friend, or as a hero.

What better way to learn more about our series than by showing you some of it. Click play below to see a trailer...

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